Presentation Information

  • Please do not take any pictures or videos of talks and posters without permission.

For Speakers:

  • Your presentation will be shown on an LCD display.
  • We will have computers at the venue that you can use to project your presentation.
  • Alternatively, you can use your own computer to project your presentation too.
  • The preferred format for your presentation is 16:9, you can make your presentation on any presentation software compatible with regular projection.

Talk duration:

  • Keynote talks: Keynote talks are for a total of 45 min with 35 min for talks and 10 min for discussions. The buzzer will first sound at 30 min, then at 35 min and finally at 45 min.
  • Invited talk: Invited talks in each session are for a total of 25 min with 20 min for the talk and 5 min for discussion. The buzzer will sound at 18 min, then at 20 min and finally 25 min.
  • Platform talk: Platform talks are for a total of 15 min with 12 min for the talk and 3 min for discussions. The buzzer will first sound at 10 min, then at 12 min and finally at 15 min.

For Poster presenters:

  • The size of the poster is 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width or smaller.
  • We encourage you to put up your posters on the 6th of January 2020 between 2 PM to 330 PM.
  • Please find your designated poster presentation schedule from the abstract book.

The poster session for the conference is being held on the following days:

1. Poster session 1: 7th January 2020, 545 PM to 745 PM

2. Poster session 2: 8th January 2020, 515 PM to 715 PM

3. Poster session 3: 9th January 2020, 545 PM to 745 PM

All poster presenters are requested to display posters on the boards during the registration starting at 2 PM on the 6th of January 2020. You will be allotted a presentation time of 2 hours on any one of the days mentioned above. Please consult the list in the abstract book to find the time allotted to you for your poster presentation. We recommend you to keep your poster displayed on the board throughout the meeting and we encourage you to have discussions at any convenient time in addition to the designated presentation time allotted to you in the list.

Poster prizes:

Poster prizes will be awarded to the best posters in each of the 8 sessions in the conference. The large number of posters necessitates a two-step selection process. In step 1 judges will read abstracts and pre-screen posters to shortlist posters for the award. In step 2, judges will do a thorough evaluation of the shortlisted posters to come up with poster prizes. In addition to the single best poster prize in each session, posters may be selected for ‘special mention’, where a certificate will be given the presenter.