Q. Why do I need to pre-register for this conference?

Ans. Since this is a large conference, we need to take pre-approval from the Government of India for all foreign participants. For this, we need to submit a list of all likely participants to the Government, well in advance. Hence the pre-registration.

Q. Do I have to pre-register if I am an Indian participant?

Ans. No. This is only for those who would need to apply for a visa to attend this conference.

Q. But I am very uncomfortable supplying my passport and other details via a web-form.

Ans. The pre-registration form does not ask for any sensitive information like passport number etc. Once the pre-registration is done, we shall send separate emails to all those who have pre-registered, requesting for the relevant information over emails.

Q. I have pre-registered for the conference, but now I do not wish to come for it. Is that a problem?

Ans. Not at all. The pre-registration is just an expression of intent for coming to the conference.